Attention! Cross-border sellers! Amazon will cancel this feature next month

Runner Express 22 May 2020 Views 154 Comments Warehouse

According to Runner Express, with the gradual maturity of Amazon FBA and changes in Amazon's business strategy, the platform's self-service distribution has gradually been marginalized. But all of this happened quietly. After all, inhibiting self-delivery is definitely bad for Amazon's image and cannot be placed on the table.


However, Amazon's recently announced new changes have blatantly suppressed Self-delivery sellers and eliminated a very effective way of promoting sales: free shipping will not be available starting January 13. If you need to provide customers with free shipping, see "Shipping Settings."


Free Shipping Promotion is a promotional feature specifically for self-delivery sellers.Sellers can set up promotions such as "Free shipping on purchases of $ xx or more" to motivate buyers to place orders, which is a very effective promotion method that can significantly increase sales.FBA sellers are responsible for distribution. Amazon provides effective Prime delivery services for FBA products. At the same time, Prime members can enjoy free delivery services, and non-members need to pay higher delivery fees.


As a result, Amazon with a large number of FBA products can use this distribution strategy to attract a large number of consumers to purchase Prime members.If Amazon cancels the free shipping promotion, it will make Prime shipping more attractive and bring more Prime members.


There is no doubt that this change has greatly affected Self-delivery sellers.The effect of the free shipping promotion is very significant, and even many buyer groups have developed certain Collect bills habits.Direct cancellation now will inevitably reduce the sales of self-delivery sellers.


Although after the 13th, sellers can still achieve free shipping through the shipping settings, but the effect is different from the promotion. Consumers are more likely to fill in the free shipping amount to subtract shipping costs.It is not difficult to find that behind the cancellation of the free delivery promotion, it is actually the contention between the FBA system and the self-delivery system. FBA obviously can bring more revenue to Amazon, distribution fees, storage fees ...Even if sellers using FBA do not place orders, Amazon can still make a profit compared to the money they get from self-delivery sellers.In this case, Amazon usually prefers FBA over sellers.However, as it is now clearly stated, this means that the self-delivery share is low and Amazon can ignore it.

Therefore, by 2020, the path for self-service delivery sellers may be more difficult than in any past year, and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) may also receive more support from Amazon to compete in the self-service delivery market. If your product is suitable and used in conjunction with the operation method, FBA will be a better choice for sellers.For sellers with larger sales, FBA is indeed a good choice, but for small and medium sellers with medium sales, it still needs high-quality, low-price international express delivery.


According to Runner Express, compared with mature e-commerce markets such as Europe and the United States, certain emerging e-commerce markets offer sellers more opportunities to explore.For example, Amazon entered Turkey in 2018. Turkey spans Eurasia and has a population of more than 82 million (2018 data). The national average age is 30 years. It is a young country and fertile ground for developing cross-border e-commerce.It is expected that by 2021, its per capita GDP will reach 11945 US dollars. In addition, Alibaba also acquired Trendyol, a Turkish fashion e-commerce platform, as an important layout in the region.The Turkish special line departs from Hong Kong, China, providing ultra-fast customs clearance services. Delivery time is 4-7 days. The scope of supply covers the entire territory of Turkey. In addition to providing complete online tracking, it also offers free home delivery services;Low transportation costs. For example, if the package weight is less than 100g, the minimum price is 15 yuan. The price for packages below 800g is more favorable than other logistics methods.Can send ordinary items of 0.1-30KG, which also includes charged (excluding communication functions) items, such as headphones, pedometer, MP3, MP4, smart watches, etc.