Local Return Service

Local Return Service

      The process of free return service of Aliexpress

Ø The first step of free return is to open dispute, fill up the forms regard the reason of the return, seller will reply in the next few days, Ali-express will decide whether to approve the return.

Ø After seller agreed with the free return, you will see a red button in the end of the page, press to see the details of what to do after you get the shipping label with the RR22*******X6 tracking number.

Ø You need to put the product into a box and print the label with RR22*******X6 number to stick on the box, then drop the return package to the nearest service point of Israel post .

Ø Find a post office:

Ø The courier will send your return package to warehouse in Israel for inspection.

Ø You can check your parcel   tracking information from https://israelpost.co.il/ .

Ø After the warehouse finished checking, the information will be uploaded to the system. If it is approved, you will receive refund from Aliexpress in 1-3 weeks.



1. Courier didn't contact me, can I send by post office?

Sure, you can drop off your package at Israel post office which near from you.


2. I didn't see the label and RR22*******X6 shipping number, what should I do?

Please try to refresh the page, sometime it is system delay.


3. Why Aliexpress reject the refund after I delivered the product?

If the product is damaged by the buyer or missing items which effect the second sales, Aliexpress might decide not to refund, you will receive an email from them, if you have further question, please contact online service of Aliexpress: https://service.aliexpress.com/page/home?pageId=17&language=en&spm=a2g0o.home.0.0.2a262145VXwjkV


4. Who is runner express?

We are the service provider for Aliexpress for return good in Israel, after the courier take your package and deliver to our warehouse in Israel, we will check the product and upload photos to AliExpress as the proof, then Aliexpress will refund you.

5. How many days that I can get refund?

Normally from 1-3 weeks, please ask Ailexpress directly, Runner express only deal with logistic problems, if you have other issues, please contact Aliexpress online service:



6. I don't agree with the dispute result what I can do?

There is online customer service on Aliexpress, you can also leave comments in where you opened dispute.

Online service center:












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